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DEZIGN WORKS PHILIPPINES INC. is an integral provider of commercial carpet floor coverings
for architects, designers, general contractors, building owners and building managers. Since our
modest beginnings of 2001 we assisted clients in determining the right type of floor covering for
their applications with regard to budget, performance and aesthetic issues.

DEZIGN WORKS PHILIPPINES INC. works with different carpet flooring manufacturers. We
believe that working with one carpet manufacturer can restrict the variety of goods and services we
have to offer. As Designers thrive on providing unique looks for their clients, it is also a real value to
be able to work freely with a wider range of flooring products. We offer a wide variety of carpet
products and can provide you with the tools to support your project needs.

When you do business with DEZIGN WORKS PHILIPPINES INC. you can be assured that we will
do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs today and in the future. To date we have laid more than ten
million sq. foot of carpet in a mixed use environment.